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Benefits of Wind Power

BNE Energy will exclusively generate clean, green, 100% renewable wind energy. Wind generation will add much needed wind generated electricity to our electric supply and increase access to renewable electricity in the region. Wind generation provides numerous and significant economic, environmental and societal benefits including the following:

  • Wind energy is economic – producing strong cash flows and significant value to investors. 

  • Wind energy is good business – good for investors, good for ratepayers and good for society.

  • Wind generation can be cost competitive to conventional sources of new generation, is one of the least expensive renewable energy sources, and does not burn fuel resulting in low operating costs thereby reducing risk and volatility.   

  • Wind energy is 100% renewable. New England has an abundant, inexhaustible amount of wind that is created naturally in the atmosphere.  

  • Wind energy is clean energy. Wind produces no air or water emissions which means less smog, less acid rain, fewer greenhouse gases and less carbon, sulfur, nitrogen and mercury emissions polluting our air and water – and it reduces our dependence on foreign oil.

  • Wind generation facilities do not consume water. A 20 MW wind farm can conserve more than 100 million gallons of water a year from rivers, or other sources consumed by conventional generation.

  • A 20 MW wind farm can annually displace:

  • 32,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), the same as a 6,800-acre forest will remove in a year

  • 150 tons of acid-rain causing sulfur dioxide (SO2)

  • 60 tons of smog-causing nitrous oxide (NOx)

  • 27,000 tons of coal, enough coal to fill a train over ten miles-long

  • 9,000 barrels of oil per year

  • 500,000 MMBTU of natural gas.

  • Wind energy benefits society by helping to reduce global warming, and other healthcare costs and environmental costs resulting from greenhouse gases (emitted primarily by fossil-fuel combustion), air pollution and hazardous wastes produced by conventional power plants. 

  • Wind generation offers fuel diversity to New England's energy supply which will increase customer choice and reduce price volatility for consumers.

  • Wind energy is reliable and efficient. Wind turbines are very reliable and can be available to generate electricity 99% of the time.

  • Wind generation creates jobs and supports economic development. Several studies have concluded that wind produces more jobs per dollar invested or per kilowatt-hour generated than most conventional sources of electric generation.

  • Wind facilities pay substantial property taxes to the local towns and contribute to the needs of the community such as education, fire and emergency services, law enforcement and healthcare.

  • Wind projects have minimal impact on land in the community. Transmission lines can be put underground, and the vast majority of the acreage is undisturbed.   

BNE’s wind facilities provide numerous and significant benefits for our investors, ratepayers and the community. These benefits include economic, environmental, and societal benefits and increased access to clean, green, renewable wind energy produced in New England.

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