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American Wind Energy Association


Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE)


National Renewable Energy Laboratories (U.S. Government site) – wind energy


Wind Energy Atlas of the United States


U.S. Department of Energy – wind info


American Bird Conservancy wind energy policy


Avian Wind Literature Database 


American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) 


Earth Policy Institute 


Environmental Defense – clean air program


Natural Resources Defense Council – clean air & energy 


Renewable Energy Policy Project (REPP) 


Sierra Club – clean energy page 


Sustainable Energy Coalition 


Union of Concerned Scientists (UCSUSA) – clean energy page 


Global Warming – Early Warning Signs (North America)


U.S. Energy Information Administration – GHG page 


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – GHG page 


Regional green house gas initiative 


Energy Information Administration “Energy Kids Page”


Kid Wind Project 


National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project 


Environmental Finance 


North American Wind Power


ReFocus – International Renewable Energy 


Renewable Energy Access 


Wind Power Monthly


YES2WIND – wind energy advocacy site by Friends of Earth, Greenpeace, and WWF 

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