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Generating Value from Wind Energy

BNE Energy Inc., a privately owned corporation, is a company you can trust.  Wind is a valuable energy resource and BNE is working hard to ensure that clean, green, 100% renewable wind energy produces significant value for investors, ratepayers and the community.

BNE has obtained site control over three properties in New England with a total expected capacity of 50 to 60 megawatts (MW).  The sites are ideally situated for wind generation in the communities where they are located.  We are currently working to procure additional sites and expect to soon have more than 100 MW of wind generation in the development pipeline.  We currently fund the development of our projects from the investments of private investors.

Wind generation offers a tremendous growth opportunity for BNE Energy. 

U.S. growth has increased 25% per year since 2000.

For the fourth straight year, the U.S. led the world in wind capacity additions and now exceeds to Germany with over 25,250 MW of cumulative capacity. 

The U.S. wind energy industry installed 5,329 MW in 2007, expanding the nation's total wind power generating capacity by 46% in a single calendar year.  Wind generation accounted for about 35% of the entire new power-producing capacity added nationally and injected over $9 billion of investments into the economy.

In 2008, the U.S. wind energy industry shattered all previous records by installing 8,358 MW of new generating capacity (enough to serve over 2 million homes) increasing wind capacity by 50% and injecting an investment of some $17 billion into the economy.

Wind Energy provides numerous and significant economic, environmental and societal benefits.

Wind Generation is one of the least expensive renewable energy sources and can help reduce electricity prices for ratepayers.

Wind Generation creates jobs and supports economic development.

Wind facilities pay substantial property taxes to the local towns and contribute to the needs of the community.  

The future of the wind energy market looks strong into the foreseeable future.  Wind energy's impressive performance over the past several years is expected to continue with the potential for New England to lead the way creating enormous opportunities for wind development in the 21st century.  



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