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Partner with a Company you can Trust

BNE Energy works closely with land and business owners to develop a professional relationship based on mutual respect where both parties benefit from the wind project.  BNE is flexible and will work with property owners taking their concerns into account in order to form a partnership that works which can be in the form of a land lease of certain portions of the property, an option to purchase some or all of the property, or in some instances a joint ownership arrangement. 

We have extensive experience analyzing potential sites to determine if the wind resources on the property are sufficient and whether the location is well suited for wind development.  Wind projects typically require a significant amount of land located in a windy area such as high elevation property, land near the ocean, or on wide-open plains.  Other factors include proximity to the electrical grid, local support for wind generation, and the permitting process.  While we focus on medium to large scale projects, we also believe strongly in distributed generation which can be ideal for a business owner or municipality that wants to partner with BNE to install one or more turbines on their property to lower their electric bill, increase revenues and improve the environment – certainly a win win.

Benefits to Land and Business Owners

Partnering with BNE has many benefits:

- Increase your income.  Earn money from a land lease, option to purchase or share in the revenue from the project.

- Maintain the current use of your land.  Wind turbines only occupy a small percentage of the land on the property so you can continue to farm your land, operate your business or enjoy your property.   

- Be proud that you are improving the environment.  Wind generation is 100% renewable, has zero emissions, does not use water, lowers our dependence on foreign oil and reduces global warming.

Contact BNE Energy Today

If you own land or a business that you believe is suitable for wind development then contact us.  Tell us about your property and we will work with you to determine if a wind project is feasible. 

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