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Connecticut Wind Prospect Project

  • At a Glance
  • Job Creation
  • Green Energy
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At a Glance:

Location:  Prospect, CT

Size: 3.2 MW

Status: Under Development

Wind Prospect is a wind generation project currently under development with an expected capacity of 3.2 megawatts (MW) utilizing 2 GE 1.6 MW wind generation turbines. The site is high on a ridge adjacent to and overlooking water company property including a sizable reservoir. The predicted wind speeds and physical characteristics of the site are favorable for wind generation due to its elevation, orientation and topographical characteristics. The site is located within one hundred yards from the electrical grid.  The project will provide numerous and significant benefits to the town including economic, environmental, and reliability benefits and increased access to clean, green, renewable wind energy produced locally helping to make Prospect the “Greenest Small town in Connecticut.”

Job creation

Wind energy projects can create a significant number of new jobs during construction, and several long-term, well-paying jobs when operational. Several studies have established that wind produces more jobs per dollar invested or per kilowatt-hour generated than most conventional sources of electric generation.

BNE Energy is committed to hiring qualified people and companies from the local community and the state of Connecticut.  

Green Energy

Clean, green and renewable

Wind energy is clean energy. Wind produces no air or water emissions which means less smog, less acid rain, fewer greenhouse gases and less carbon, sulfur, nitrogen and mercury emissions polluting our air and water – and it reduces our dependence on foreign oil.

Wind energy is 100% renewable. We have an abundant, inexhaustible amount of wind that is created naturally in the atmosphere.

Wind Prospect would meet the annual electric power needs of approximately 25 percent of the Town’s residential electric users on average over the course of the year, and nearly 85 percent of the Town’s residential electric needs when the turbines are operating at full capacity.

The Project would provide the following reduction of air pollutants when compared to conventional fossil fueled generation:

- 2,355 lbs/yr total nitrogen oxides reduction

- 4,794 lbs/yr total sulfur oxides reduction

- 8,443,640 lbs/yr total carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) reduction

The electricity generated by the wind turbines will provide power equivalent to the following carbon emission reductions:

- 1,154 cars taken off the road;

- 14,046 barrels of oil not combusted for electric generation;

- 154,866 tree seedlings grown for 10 years; or

- 1,288 acres of pine or fir forest.


Economic benefits

  • Wind Prospect is expected to involve a total investment of approximately $8 million resulting in numerous economic benefits to the Town and the area, including significant tax revenue, creation of jobs and significant environmental benefits with minimal impact to the land. The wind project will also produce a reliable source of energy that diversifies the State’s generation portfolio mix and contributes

  • Class I renewable energy to meet the State’s RPS standards

    The economic benefits include:

    • Largest Taxpayer in Town

    • $150,000 Per Year in Tax Revenue Avoids Residential Development

    • $600,000 Annual Cost Savings to Town Job Creation

    • Numerous Jobs During Construction and Several Permanent Positions  Community Support

    • Significant Local Investment Benefiting the Community

Siting Council Petition

Below is the Petition of BNE Energy filed on November 17, 2010, with the Connecticut Siting Council requesting approval of Wind Prospect:

PETITION NO. 980 - BNE Energy, Inc. petition for a declaratory ruling that no Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need is required for the construction, maintenance, and operation of a 3.2 MW Wind Renewable Generating facility located at 178 New Haven Road, Prospect, Connecticut. Decision.

Petition Filing 11/17/10

Volume I consist of:

  • BNE Petition
  • Exhibit A - G.E. 1.6 MW Factsheet
  • Exhibit B - State Historic Preservation Office Correspondence
  • Exhibit C - FAA Preliminary Determination
  • Exhibit D - Abutters Certification
  • Exhibit E - Certification of Service

Volume 2 consist of:

  • Exhibit F – Site Plans
  • Exhibit G - Storm Water Management Plan
  • Exhibit H - Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan

Volume 3 - Part I consist of:

  • Exhibit I - Terrestrial Habitat and Wetland Impact Analysis

Volume 3 - Part II consist of:

  • Exhibit J - Visual Resource Evaluation

Volume 3 - Part III consist of:

  • Exhibit K - Eastern Box Turtle Survey
  • Exhibit L - Interim Bat Acoustical Study
  • Exhibit M - Breeding Bird Study
  • Exhibit N - Noise Study


Contact BNE Energy Today

Corporate Headquarters:

BNE Energy Inc.
17 Flagg Hill Road
Colebrook, CT 06021

Voice: Toll Free: (800) 450-0503

Fax Number: (888) 891-6450

General Inquiries

If you have general questions about BNE Energy or our projects then email us anytime.


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