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BNE Energy Inc. was founded for the purpose of developing wind generation in New England with continued growth throughout the country. BNE believes strongly that clean, green, renewable wind generation needs to be a valuable component of the region's energy resource mix. Our vision is to become a leading developer, owner, operator and supplier of clean, green, 100% renewable wind energy delivering significant value to investors, ratepayers and the community.

Our Mission

BNE’s mission is to develop, construct and operate clean, green, renewable wind generation facilities in a responsible manner.  We are striving to become a leading supplier of wind energy – adding a significant amount of renewable, sustainable energy to our electric supply while protecting our environment and improving the community.

Support Wind Energy

Significant economic, environmental and societal benefits.  Job creation, zero emissions, reduces global warming and so much more.

If you have a site that is suitable for wind generation – then partner with BNE Energy and increase revenue while improving the environment.

Wind Energy is Clean Energy

Our Community

BNE Energy - delivering value to investors, ratepayers and the community.  Learn more. 

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Reducing Dependency on Foreign Oil

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